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Photo Kathryn Valentino
By Eduardo Patino

When dancer Paige Fraser was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 12, she was terrified she would lose the passion, expression, and freedom that dance gave her since the age of 4. Despite doctors telling her she would need surgery, she persevered and never lost sight of her dreams. 


Almost 15 years after being diagnosed with Scoliosis, Ms. Fraser can proudly state that she has accomplished the career in dance of which she always dreamed. Through The Paige Fraser Foundation, she hopes to bring awareness to Scoliosis throughout the world and inspire other dancers with it. "There are a few dancers who actually kept going when they were told they have Scoliosis. I chose not to quit". 

Ms. Fraser has received a steady stream of recognition over the last few years; from winning a Princess Grace Award, to Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch, and landing a international commercial with Intel as well as a segment on ESPN Latin America. As a Scoliosis advocate who faced the prospect of surgery at an early age that might have ended her dream of becoming a professional dancer, Paige embraces what she has overcome to raise awareness about pursuing dreams and overcoming challenges. Her story was recently featured by ELLE "The Movement Series. Paige recently performed at the FOCOS 10th Anniversary in honor of Mayor Bloomberg and his daughter who is a Scoliosis survivor. She has danced with three prestigious companies; Ailey 2, Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre, and Visceral Dance Chicago. She is currently a dancer in The Lion King North American Tour. 


In addition to being a professional dancer and Scoliosis advocate, Ms. Fraser actively contributes to the community. She has taught workshops all over the world; The U.S., Jamaica, Haiti (Milk Carton on a String) and Europe.  She has also collaborated with Cook County Arts Collective to teach dance to incarcerated women in Chicago. 


TPFF will also focus on raising awareness for Scoliosis research and non-surgical treatment. Ms. Fraser is actively learning more about her condition and believes in Schroth Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Floorbarre, and Massage Therapy; all of which help her to maintain consistency in her dancing on stage and live a healthy life. Her story is a testimony that with research and resilience you can achieve your dreams. 


TPFF will focus on bringing dance, health, & wellness to the Bronx community and beyond.