Dance is Healing

The Paige Fraser Foundation aims to inspire young individuals to go after their dream.


Dance is Healing is a program for dancers living with or without challenges. This FREE annual workshop will give young aspiring dancers the opportunity to learn from professional dancers from NYC and beyond. We will offer a variety of dance classes; Ballet, Modern, Jazz/Musical Theatre, Body Conditioning, and a Q&A with faculty. 

  • Dancers who apply MUST have dance some experience.

  • Dancers with disabilities are encouraged to apply. (i.e. Respiratory Illness, Musculoskeletal, Mental Health).

  • Ages: 12-18. 


2020 Faculty

Kayla Moniz, Larissa Gerszke, Maleek Washington, Jose Rondon Jr

2018 & 2019 Faculty

Randall Riley, Maleek Washington, Marjorie Liebert, Kam Saunders, Raven Barkley, Samantha Barriento, Jose Rondon, Gabriella Sorrentino, Christopher McDaniel, Paige Fraser, Jonelle Jones, Daphne Lee



2018 & 2019 Panel

Ebony Williams, Tamisha Guy, Claudia Schreier, Maleek Washington, Sydney Magruder Washington, Randall Riley, Jose Rondon, Ingrid Silva, Avree Walker, Kayla Moniz, Paige Fraser, Rachel McSween, Karisma Jay, Maryann Penzero


"There are a few dancers who actually kept going when they were told they have Scoliosis. There are also a lot of dancers who did not keep going because they may have allowed the politics of dance to get the best of them. I chose not to quit and I hope my story can impact others"

- Paige Fraser