Bent But Not Broken


A two part film highlighting dancers with Scoliosis in honor of Scoliosis Awareness Month 


Part 1: Our Back Story

Highlights three professional dancers and their journey with Scoliosis. 



Part 2: Dancing through Scoliosis 

Honors #scoliosiswarriors across the world who continue to push past their limits! 



Full Cast:

Paige Fraser (ensemble dancer in The Lion King Rafiki Tour)

Beckanne Sisk (Ballet West)

Jacqueline Green (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre)



Director: Paige Fraser 

Editor: Tanner Probus 

Choreography: Rena Butler 

Music: Darryl Joseph 

This campaign was made possible by The Paige Fraser Foundation.

Thanks to all that participated in this film remotely during COVID-19.

We are stronger together. 


Dance is Healing!!!!!