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Black History Month

TPFF pays tribute to Harriet Tubman, a freedom fighter and leader. The dance performance captures the struggle for freedom and the power of community. In this passionate and heartfelt performance, the audience, as witness, takes the journey toward freedom with Harriet as she powers through with integrity, strength and resilience. The experience transforms the audience experience from passive observers into engaged  and emotional participants that connects the past to the present.


On 2/15 TPFF shared an expanded video production of a dance in tribute to Harriet Tubman entitled, “Stand-Up.” The work was choreographed by Eric Bean Jr., featuring the song “Stand Up” co-written and performed by Cynthia Erivo. Paige Fraser, Chief Creative Officer of TPFF, performed the lead role as Harriet with members of the touring company of the Lion King Rafiki Tour in 2020.  

The video can be seen on Bronxnet TV and TPFF YouTube!!

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