About Us

The Paige Fraser Foundation (TPFF) was established in 2017 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with Paige Fraser as Founder and Artistic Director and Lesmah J. Fraser as Co-Founder and President.  The mission of TPFF is to create a safe space for aspiring young artists, with or without disabilities, to reach their full potential in Dance, Music, Theater and the Visual Arts. Our initial program, named Dance is Healing (DIH), is an annual 1-2 day dance intensive provided for free to young dancers ages 10-17. 


TPFF continues to collaborate and partner with other Bronx community-based organizations such as Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center, BronxNet Television, and the Bronx Art Center. TPFF is committed to creating a broad community of partners and supporters to spread kindness and hope through the arts and one day build a Performing Arts and Wellness Center in the Northeast Bronx.

Our Mission​

TPFF is a 501(c)(3) committed to inspiring young emerging artists with or without physical challenges to reach their full potential by establishing a Performing Arts Center and facilitate a safe space for inner-city youths to study Dance, Theater, Music, Art and Writing.


Our Vision

Our vision is to raise awareness about the arts through performance and presentation; to provide a safe space for training and personal and professional development; to offer opportunities for youth to practice the arts to achieve their life goals; to mentor and coach youth as they strive for their goals inside and outside of the arts; to develop a network of committed partners, allies, and friends to create community-based arts programs; to use and leverage technology to expand exposure to the arts


 Our Values

Our values include respect, integrity, ethics, stewardship and commitment to diversity

Our Supporters

The Paige Fraser Foundation 

The Paige Fraser Foundation 
P.O Box 679
Bronx, NY, 10469
Telephone: 718 - 231 - 9166
Email: info@thepaigefraserfoundation.org
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